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Workwell featured on Great Day Live!

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January 24, 2022

Workwell featured on Great Day Live!

Claudia Coffey, reporter for WHAS11’s Great Day Live morning show, visited Workwell Industries to learn more about what we do here. Louisville, Ky.

They recorded two segments which will also air when Workwell Industries is a sponsor on WHAS11. View all segments on their website here.

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DRESSwell, Be Well

Well Written  January 23, 2024 DRESSwell, Be Well We fully believe that expressing oneself through attire is a form of empowerment. That’s why we’ve undertaken a remarkable initiative to boost our team’s confidence and enhance their self-expression – the DressWell Boutique. Situated in the heart of our facility, this groundbreaking clothing boutique is revolutionizing the way our employees perceive themselves by offering a carefully curated selection of both new and gently used items. It has seamlessly integrated into our incentive program, designed to uplift and support team members in various facets of their lives.   DRESSwell extends beyond our employed staff to include their children, offering a diverse array of clothing options for the younger members of our Workwell family. Whether it’s preparing for school, gearing up for interviews, or simply seeking stylish and comfortable everyday wear, our team can now conveniently explore a myriad of choices right within the workplace. The DRESSwell Boutique, as it evolves into a central element of Workwell’s dedication to employee well-being, signifies more than just a shopping destination. It embodies a progressive stride toward cultivating a workplace where individuals feel empowered, confident, and well-supported. Workwell Industries continues to redefine the employee experience, setting a high standard for organizations that prioritize the holistic growth and fulfillment of their workforce. To donate items to DRESSwell click here.

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EATwell, Feed Well

Well Written  January 22, 2024 EATwell, Feed Well At Workwell, we believe in providing more than just a paycheck. We are dedicated to embracing a holistic approach to well-being, which led to the introduction of our groundbreaking initiative – EATwell. In partnership with New Roots, Inc., this program is a proactive effort to ensure our employees enjoy consistent access to healthy, nourishing food options. The curated selection guarantees freshness and offers a diverse array of choices to cater to various dietary preferences. We recognize and understand the challenge of accessing affordable, fresh food, especially in the Portland community, and EATwell is our solution. This initiative perfectly aligns with our commitment to the comprehensive well-being of our team and keeps us connected with what they need to thrive. Since kicking off in October 2023, EATwell has already made a difference for nearly 100 individuals/employees. Help us keep the momentum going by donating today.

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What Is Your Why?

Well Written  June 10, 2023 What is Your Why? Sometimes, all people need is a helping hand. That’s where we come in. “We are all here to make a difference. While every colleague, employee, client, and friend who walks through that front door of our office had a different path that led here, it is our job to step in and help them in their journey,” said Kenya Freeman, Workwell Industry’s CEO and President. “We are here to make a lasting change in their lives.” Workwell’s mission is to create jobs for people with disabilities and others who experience barriers to employment, while also addressing other needs they may have, such as assistance with food, clothes, and shelter. We create a positive work environment for anyone looking for a job all while maintaining our legacy as a premier vendor in our services.  The task isn’t easy. “I remind everyone to remember their ‘why,’” Freeman said. “Our job is challenging, but we get to be the ones helping people to change their path and look forward to a brighter future.” “ feel the world is a better place when people are being supported,” said Sean Dillon, Workwell’s logistics manager. “I have seen people who are struggling and cannot find the means to be successful, due to their circumstances, regardless of how hard they tried to fix them. That is where we step in and help them get on their feet.” “We are all products of our environment,” said Jessica Fink, Workwell’s compliance and regulatory manager. “We cannot control the things that happen to us, but we all have a choice to become aware of our actions and choose to break the cycle and become the best version of ourselves. I was able to break my cycle and overcome the obstacles I had in front of me. I could not have done it without the help of a few great people in my life that saw my potential and drive to be better each day.” Fink’s “why” is the heart of what we do.  “If I can be the person who gives others the opportunity to take care of their loved ones and change their environment, that reason is enough for me to be here,” she said. Whatever your “why” was when you chose us, either as a team member or a customer, thank you for being a part of our mission here at Workwell.

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