Our Facility


Our Facility

  • Workwell operates a 180,000 square foot warehouse with 12 loading docks.
  • The facility is fully bonded, HAZMAT certified, and compliant with U.S. Customs regulations.
  • The company ships over 1 M cases of finished goods annually to all 50 states and over 89 foreign countries.

Workwell is one of a small group of Louisville companies that have been granted an on-site Foreign Trade Zone by The Riverport Authority. While in the FTZ, merchandise is not subjected to U.S. duty or excise tax and may be exported from the FTZ free of duty & tax.

As an added service to our customers, Workwell provides on-site office space to a Customs Brokerage Firm that assists with shipments coming into or out of the country.

Workwell semi truck