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Help Us Change Lives and Donate Today.

Here at Workwell Industries, we strive for excellence in a competitive industry and are focused on continual growth. However, rapid growth can create challenges for an organization, especially a non-profit like us. Examples of these could be the need for more buildings, equipment and increased inventory, or more employees with a higher level of training and responsibilities.

Workwell also experiences unique challenges for a non-profit due to the type of work we perform with state and federal regulations, as well as keeping up with technology and economic uncertainty.

But you can help! Non-profits like Workwell Industries depend on donations from people and businesses like yours to continue their essential work in the community and around the world. Help us accomplish our mission of creating jobs for people with disabilities and others who experience barriers to employment.

Call (502) 772-7383 today to donate or email us at for more information on how you can support Workwell and change the lives of others with a tax-free donation.

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