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Fueled by their incredible passion and tireless dedication, this amazing group of individuals brings our social and economic goals to life. Each person in this special mix adds their unique touch, making our journey not just a collective effort, but a shared adventure full of heart and purpose.


Workwell team members are our most valuable asset. We use the three Rs for positive performance assessment: Reinforcement, Recognition, and Reward. As a result, workers feel good about themselves. They have a sense of satisfaction for being part of a “winning team.” Subsequently, we are proud to share that our current “years of experience” average is 12 years.

At Workwell Industries, we are committed to creating jobs for people with disabilities and others who experience barriers to employment. Further, with over a dozen different benefit programs, many team members receive full pay from the company. Our largest employee turnover comes from seasonal temporary workers. As a company, our objective is to continue healthy growth as well as maintain the best employer/employee relationship in the area.

Every team member, whether they have disabilities or not, is ready to use their skills to reach team goals.

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Job Skills

  • Positive attitude & energy
  • Professionalism & good work ethic
  • Adaptability & flexibility
  • Effective communication skills
  • Teamwork Skills
  • Diversity Sensitivity
  • Leadership & Management
  • Must be able to pass drug screening

Company Events

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Job Application

Download the PDF, print it, fill it out and return it in person to 3401 Jewell Ave, Louisville KY. 40212. OR Fill out and attach to an email to
We'd love to have you on the team!


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Production Line

Now hiring production line workers for the summer gift pack

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Production Line

Veterans or those with military experience are highly encouraged to apply!