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Welcome to Workwell Industries, where every effort is a testament to our unwavering commitment to creating jobs for people who may experience barriers to employment. These include but are not limited to, Veterans, individuals with disabilities, and individuals who need second-chance employment.  As a proud nonprofit organization, we are driven by a mission to empower individuals and uplift our community through meaningful work and impactful initiatives.

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Workwell Industries specializes in co-packaging and sub-assembly for companies that outsource work.

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Our focus extends beyond financial gains. Each initiative, program, and collaboration is a step toward fostering a brighter, more inclusive future for our team!

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We are committed to creating jobs for people with disabilities and others who experience barriers to employment.

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A lot comes with running a business, and Workwell Industries is here for you!
We’ve got the labor, the location, and the knowledge to help you turn your project into a success!

Success Stories

At Workwell, our employees are the driving force behind what we do. We pride ourselves on making a positive impact on our local community and know that none of this would be possible without the many individuals who make that success possible. 

Nicky Thomson
Nicky Thomson Global Sales Manager
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"We were introduced to Workwell Industries as a potential re-packing facility for a major project we had been awarded by our largest customer.
We are based in the UK and our challenge was to find a suitable and reliable partner in the US, to transfer our bulk glass deliveries into 12 pack corrugate cases.
Based on their proactive responses, attention to detail and a fair and transparent pricing proposal, we made a decision to move forward with Workwell on this project. From the outset, they have been incredibly professional to work with. Their experience in this field helped us immensely and having received the specification for the re-work, they advised on the most efficient format and configuration of the cases, to ensure the best efficiency in their facility whilst maintaining a competitive price.
From the time of production commencing, they have supplied daily output rates, maintained traceability from bulk glass to corrugate, arranged transport to our customer and have kept to a very challenging deadline we were given at the beginning of the project. There has been excellent feedback of service or quality from our customer and the entire service from start to finish has been exemplary.
In addition to the above, Workwell Industries is a non-profit organization that is committed to creating jobs for people with disabilities and others who experience barriers to employment. This is another excellent reason to choose Workwell Industries for any re-packing services they offer. We would recommend them wholeheartedly and thank them for their excellent service they provided."
Jordan Cole
Jordan ColeAccount Manager
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"It is very clear that the culture at Workwell is one that fosters a family environment, opportunity, and a sense of meaning to every member of the the team...
The mission and environment at Workwell is second to none, and it's an honor to call them a partner of ours."
Michelle Roberts
Michelle RobertsSupply Planner at Louisville Plant
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“Workwell Industries is an essential part of BASF Louisville’s production process. They provide professional services with an exemplary attention to detail and organization. Our long-standing partnership with Workwell Industries is a wonderful way for BASF to work with the neighboring community.”

Jill Jones
Jill JonesExecutive Vice President, President of North America, Latin America, India, Middle East, Africa, Global Travel Retail regions
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“We like working with Workwell Industries, because they’re a not-for-profit and they help people overcome obstacles and we just believe in that as a company. We believe in leveling the playing field and helping people bring their whole selves every day of work. But that wouldn’t be enough, I mean, while we believe in it we could just give a donation. We believe in them because of the quality that they do, they’re on time, they’re very competitive, and they’ll bend over backwards to get things done and to go a good job for you. That’s just being competitive. How cool when you can help people succeed and they deliver a good product. Think of how fulfilling that is and how rewarding that is for all of us, plus they help us be successful in the global environment. How cool is that? I love that. With the advent of the new racking system and many other upgrades, Workwell Industries has shown they are ready to compete locally, statewide, national and internationally in the world of packaging and assembly. They’re going to continue to play a great role in the development of the West End of Louisville. “

Larry Combs
Larry CombsSVP, General Manager of Production, External Manufacturing & Corporate Engineering
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"Part of when I learned about Workwell Industries history and that really it grew out of… much more [than] a charity, in terms of how to help disadvantaged or disabled people… and they have actually built that into a very competitive business. They’re able to balance… being such a good servant to the community and when you look at them, it’s actually a very little of their revenue or their money comes from charitable contributions."

-Jack Daniels