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Headshot of Kenya Freeman

October 6, 2020

Kenya Freeman new General Manager at Workwell!

CEO Phil Berry is pleased to announce the promotion of Kenya Freeman to General Manager. Kenya has years of professional experience with the best-known names in the logistics industry, but when he first arrived at Workwell in 2017, he found a diverse and positive environment unlike any he had ever seen. During his service as Director of Operations, he used his talents to increase organizational efficiency and develop the members of his team. Thanks to the unique mission of Workwell, Kenya works directly to help people overcome obstacles and better themselves, whether they envision learning job skills to use elsewhere, or advancing their careers at Workwell over time. 

In his new, expanded role, Kenya takes joy in creating an environment where workers of all backgrounds can learn and grow. This includes folks with criminal records, people with disabilities, refugees, and others with barriers to typical employment. 

Helping people move forward

“Sometimes people are embarrassed by their past, but Workwell gives them a place to get back into the workforce without being judged,” he said. “Our leadership understands that people are trying to get back on their feet, and we are here to help them positively move forward. The past is in the past.” 

In many ways, Kenya sees Workwell as a teaching warehouse, where he leads his team in learning to implement best practices to meet deadlines and finish quality jobs on time, every time. He brings professional structure and personal care to his work, teaching skills to help employees work consistently and confidently. Unlike many places in the corporate world, Workwell’s facilities are all manual – without flashy automation that can raise overhead costs and take away jobs. While this was a change for Kenya, he finds it works well for his team of all abilities, and it does not stop Workwell from doing great work to fulfill customers’ high demands and needs. 

“Here, you see workers coexisting, understanding roles, and contributing, even with a blend of different walks of life and different skill sets,” Kenya explained. “Whether people grow their career here over a number of years, or they use the skills they learn here as a steppingstone to another occupation, we’re here to support and encourage them.” 

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